• Excellent overview, good detail, well organised, many thanks.

    K. G.
    Lensbury Ltd
  • Very thorough with a lot of information to take away.

    J. T.
    DHL Exel
  • Very useful and very enjoyable. The presentation of the course and its structure ensured that I learnt a lot.

    Wellington Primary School
  • This was an extremely well presented and relevant course. A very enjoyable day.

    L. R.
    Runnett & Co, Solictors
  • A very valuable course and a very enjoyable day. Worth every penny!

    Source Software Ltd


Reductions are available for companies booking multiple places on the same course (same date):

2 places £60 off the total
3 places £120 off the total
4 places £240 off the total
5 places £340 off the total

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